Made with selected ingredients, they combine freshness and goodness in every sip,
creating a healthy food to use at breakfast, or as a simple snack.


The 100% plant-based almond drink with its intense and delicate flavour is ideal for breakfast. Thanks to its sugars, it is an excellent refreshing beverage to drink naturally or to prepare delicious cold drinks such as slushes.
The alternative with no added sugar, which can also be enjoyed hot, enhances the natural flavour of almonds and is a valuable ally for lactose intolerant people.


Coconut milk is made from natural ingredients and is an excellent substitute for cow’s milk. All the freshness of coconut in a drink that conjures up a tropical pleasure with its unique, delicate taste. It is just perfect for a refreshing breakfast or to lend an exotic touch to your desserts.


The soya drink is a source of vegetable proteins, vitamins and calcium, essential allies for the organism. Eaten cold or lukewarm at breakfast, it is suitable for lactose intolerant people and is an excellent vegan alternative for preparing smoothies, puddings, cakes, purées and sauces of all types. It can be found in different variations: classic, with added sugar, with added calcium, vanilla and cocoa.


From the goodness of the rice grain comes a drink with a full and delicate taste. Naturally sugar-free, thanks to the carbohydrate content and its low fat content, it is a drink suitable at any time of day, perfect to drink hot at breakfast and with thirst-quenching power when enjoyed cold. It is also a perfect vegan ally in the kitchen as an ingredient in the preparation of creams, desserts and smoothies.


This hazelnut drink, 100% plant-based and GMO free, with a unique, velvety taste, is a source of omega-3 and omega-6. It has a low saturated fatty acid content and antioxidant properties. It is an ideal drink for any time of day.


This is the summer alternative to a classic espresso coffee. It is refreshing and thirst-quenching.


This drink has been created from the oldest cereal ever used by humans. It has a marked, decisive flavour, containing the true force of the earth. When drunk cold, it is thirst-quenching and pleasant. It is also ideal in cooking for making desserts, creams and smoothies.


Millet drink is a plant-based alternative perfect for gluten intolerant individuals who don’t want to go without sweetness and goodness. It is naturally delicious. It is ideal at breakfast, both hot and cold, and can be used to make cakes and other recipes.


From the delicate sweetness of oat comes a 100% vegetable beverage with a full-bodied flavour, low in fat, no added sugar and rich in fiber to improve and facilitate digestion. Perfect to drink fresh for a thirst-quenching break during the day or to enjoy hot at breakfast in addition to coffee. Thanks to its delicate flavour, the oat drink can be used in the preparation of desserts and vegan dishes.