All our products are controlled by the internal company testing and control laboratory. Tests are carried out with the most advanced technology while respecting current safety and hygiene laws. Each batch produced is also tested using chemical-physical and microbiological tests, constantly searching for the best for our clients. Our company also carries out regular HACCP self-control procedures to avoid the onset of hygiene and health problems.

EURO S.P.I.D srl is certified for the production of foods coming from biological agriculture. By carefully selecting suppliers and raw materials, the company produces foods that are intended for human well-being while respecting the environment. The company is also ISO 22000, BRC and IFS standard certified, all essential for safety management in the agricultural-food sector. ISO 22000 identifies the risks that the company is exposed to and allows it to handle said risks effectively. Preventing issues along the supply chain and checking the observation of regulations are two essential aspects for protecting the brand.

BRC and IFS certifications are international standards.Products respect well-defined quality regulations, with the aim of favouring an excellent selection of suppliers, based on their ability to supply safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements.